ServiceWear Promotional provides a wide array of high-quality specialty items through our partnership with Big Star Branding. Our cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners and program designed specifically for government agencies and nonprofits provides easy access to in-demand promotional items at a great savings in cost.
ServiceWear Apparel brings exceptional customer service, high quality workwear, and guaranteed best prices to government workwear procurement through our cooperative contract available through OMNIA Partners.
ServiceWear Promotional and ServiceWear Apparel are part of the SMS Holdings family of companies. Based in Nashville, TN, SMS Holdings is the parent company for a diverse group of companies operating in the public and private sectors. Today, the company generates approximately $400 million in annual revenues and employs 12,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.
ServiceWear Apparel was awarded the Apparel, Uniforms, Accessories, Products and Services contract with OMNIA Partners as the cooperative. In order to satisfy local and state procurement regulations, this contract was nationally advertised, competitively solicited and awarded by Region 4 ESC. Contract documents can be found here.
OMNIA Partners is redefining the future of cooperative purchasing. The cooperative purchasing organization is dedicated to serving public agencies and educational institutions nationwide. For more information about participating in OMNIA Partners, please visit the OMNIA Partners’ website,